As a thru hiker, you must never completely trust a fart.

Right now I am sitting in a canyon, unable to get up from a five minute break I took nearly an hour ago. Sometimes the world is too beautiful to move on. 

Some days you hike like a train, other days you feel like a train wreck. Today is a train wreck day, but where I am happens to be incredibly beautiful so here I am, lying against my pack, staring up at the steep Canyon walls, with not a thought to get up and go. They really are high, I’ve thought about Rock falls and my potential to move out of one’s way if it were to happen… I’ll let you know if it does and, if so, how it goes.

I’ve been hiking the Gila river Alternate route and, about now, I’m starting to regret it. Sure, when hiked slowly and with good, pain free feet I imagine it would be lovely, it is lovely, but I have at least 20 more crossings of this river in the next hour and AT LEAST 85 more tomorrow. This has been going on for two days and, as I say, it’s now got a bit boring. My feet feel and look a little bit like smashed up crabs, they’ve been wet for two days and will be wet for at least one more. 

Maybe I’d be less grumpy If I was sharing this with someone? I doubt it, they would probably not have allowed me this exquisite and indulgent hour long pack-nap. Ho hum. I guess I’ll push on for two more hours, that way I can guarantee to be out of here tomorrow evening. Not that I particularly want to leave – it’s a complicated emotion I’m feeling right now –  a sort of lethargic distaste mixed with an amount of awe and wonder. Haha. What am I on about? Gotta embrace the brutality! Hell, it could get a lot worse than this! 

Okay. I’m getting up. Thoughts of changing weather and flash floods have given me the Willie’s. I’ll write more another day, probably. 
See you out there x


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